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Newgrounds Sucks

2010-10-26 11:40:51 by ItahciKun

I made an incredible flahs and YOU BASTARDS voted 0 until it got 2.30. I HATE YOU IM LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^;;


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2010-12-20 10:40:12

as an animator to animator, first of all what makes you think you are better than anyone?
second they voted 0 because that attitude of yours, your flash is good but not that good!
And as an artist I need to tell you, no matter how good you are there always be someone better! and believe me there are many incredible artists here, so I consider myself as noob to these guys. But I am working hard for making my flashes but I am not saying I am better than anyone! And I am not sorry for what I said on your flash because of that behavior of yours you dont even deserve points...


2011-06-19 19:59:56

i know... you are one of those assholes who thinks, "if i don't win something good or the people loves me for a fast-food work i'm gonna hate them all..."

you are exactly the same crap as Darkar, Fiory, and over all the shit on the internet... that fuckin' bastard who made "PoGonYuTo" . . .

Sonaru... porfavor... que falta de creatividad como esperas no recibir criticas por eso? es obvio que hablas espaƱol no se para que te comento en ingles... SoNaru... el plagio de un plagio, realmente es falto de creatividad EN EXTREMO, jamas seras un buen animador no tanto por eso... si no por tu actitud de "ME TIENEN QUE LAMER LAS BOLAS O TODOS SON UNOS PERDEDORES"

No puedes siquiera conciderarte a ti mismo como un artista por una actitud como esa, newgrounds es un lugar que forma a los verdaderos animadores de internet, si quieres puedes irte a YouTube a ser otro animador basura del monton que por hacer tres estupideces re-re-re-pre-fritas sacadas de parodias plageadas seras admirado por millones de idiotas, adelante...


2011-06-20 17:36:33

pfft i haven't even submitted animation yet, just filling the portal with crappy 3D =P